Saturday, January 17, 2009

Such a long time. Christmas hoodies, etc.

So I haven't posted in a while. It's been so cold here in the midwest that school was canceled in most districts two days in a row. I got Friday off, and Monday is MLK day, so I really have a four day weekend. I just realized that my doggie's multitudes of skin problems are not allergies but a reaction to electric heat and the dryness of it. So I have to keep the heat down at 60*, which he loves, the cats hate, and I tolerate. I live on the bottom floor of a three floor condo, so I was probably heating the whole building anyhow (which is why my electric bill is $170 a month for a tiny condo!!). Now, my neighbors upstairs can pay for their own heat! The I have the "ghetto humidifier": a pot of boiling water on the stove.

Made and sold a few things over break, and I have about $100 in my paypal account now, which is awesome for me. If I just listed things more often, I'd be $500 richer a month, right? Ha. Laziness gets in the way.

I made my first two stenciled hoodies for my brother and my sister-in-law. We have been into making gifts for each other, and hoodies are everyone's favorite thing to wear in the midwest in winter, right? Anyhow, I am abnormally proud of these sweatshirts, so here they are:

The DNA Geek one is for my lil brother. He is a biologist and a self-proclaimed geek. I am telling everyone that you haven't really lived until you've cut a stencil of a DNA double helix. Really.

This one was for my sister-in-law, who reads more than me, which I didn't think was possible. Haha. She blogs about it at: . The stencil on it was much easier. The hoodie looks better on her than on my dummy.

When I showed people the hoodies, most of them said, "Won't your brother and his wife beinsulted?" or "That's not nice! Who'd want to wear something that said that?" Apparently, they don't know our family....

Thought later I should have kept the stencils and made more sweatshirts and maybe put them in my etsy store. Too late. Threw the stencils away; they were fragile and made of cardstock anyhow. Limited runs, I guess. Not that I think the world is running amuck with self-proclaimed book nerds and DNA geeks, but there's gotta be some.

That's all for now. Maybe I'll post again soon. Haha. That laziness thing again....

(If you do want a sweatshirt like this, feel free to go to my etsy store and convo me, and maybe I can remake the stencils....)


Stephanie said...

Best. Sweatshirts. EVER!!! :D

(LOL The word verification wants me to type "crusts.")

Mo said...

Crusts? As a substitute for what word? I can't even find one remotely like crusts anywhere in your comment. Weirdness.