Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rose Geramium Oil, Ticks, Frontline, Pets

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I've been, for the past few weeks, trying to figure out some sort of tick repellent for both me and the little shepherd dog.  He needs to run every day, at least 20 miles off leash (yes, that is per day, still) or he's a nervous wreck.  The only place to take him is a local training ground for hunters.  Unfortunately, it's full of ticks, and ticks are disgusting.

I always thought I was "immune" to ticks, mostly because I went 33 years without ever having one stuck to me. There was, obviously, grave disillusionment on my behalf when I found a tick embedded in the crook of my knee later that night. There was actually more shaking and feelings of nausea than disillusionment, actually. I know, I know. I'm such a wimp-girl, but I live alone and I had to pull it out by myself, and oh-woe-is-me!

Sooooooo.... I put Frontline on every being in the house except me. If they made Frontline for humans, I'd be all there. I hate the idea of sticking all those chemicals on the cats and the dog, but ticks are not my idea of good times.

I researched natural repellents, and came up with, from many Google searches, essential oil of rose geranium. I can't use it on the cats (be careful with cats and essential oils), but I apply it to Riley's collar and to myself (mixed with a carrier oil on me). I also spray my neck and hair with a solution of water and rose geranium.

And the results?

We both smell like the grandmas-of-yore, with rosewater perfumes. They don't call it rose geranium for nothing. But... in the past week, I've found only one attached tick to Riley. This is a definite improvement from 3 a night.

Riley hates the smell.  Apparently, putting a strong scent on a dog inhibits their sense of smell.  So they get disoriented somewhat and feel the urge to roll in such attractive smells as dead fish and deer poop.  Yummy.  Riley did this, and he rubs his nose on the ground.  After he gets outside and starts running, he forgets about it.

Luckily for us, these are dog ticks, not deer ticks. I don't know how this would work on deer ticks, but I do know it seems to be working on the dog ticks. It's been a bit cooler here this past week than it was two weeks ago, so maybe temperature has something to do with it. I did read, however, that ticks are active over 45*F, so I guess being that it was 65*F as opposed to last week's 80*, it's not really an issue.

I'll continue with this, because I'm curious. It would be nice to know that it works. I also purchased some Palmerosa Oil, which is cheaper and is said to have the same effect. I'll keep you posted, mostly because I have become neurotic about ticks.

I purchased both the Rose Geranium Oil and the Palmerosa Oil from Ananda Apothecary online. It was excellent, quick service, with degradable wrapping, etc. Very nice stuff. I'm not affiliated with them. But I am their Facebook Fan!

Above are some pics of the little Shepherd dog at the training grounds. He found a construction helmet and a dead fish (mmmm....sushi), and spent a lot of time toting them around.

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