Sunday, June 13, 2010

Updates and Print-Your-Owns

Soooooo..... I'm on break now.  Summer break.  It's nice to be totally free for a few months, and it's a definite perk of being a teacher.  Fo' sho'.  At any rate, gonna have to start learning 5th grade curriculum soon, as that's what I'm gonna be teaching next year.  Scary after teaching ten years of middle school foreign language.  Ten't believe it's been that long.

Been kinda dividing my time between drawing, carving, cooking, and relentless hyperhund-walking. The drawing has been benefiting my Zazzle store.  Check for my new Chinese Love Cat design.  Super extra cuteness!

Chinese Love Character Cat shirt
Chinese Love Character Cat by PetiteFrite

At any rate, as far as ETSY is concerned, I've been trying to find a solution to my perennial problem of what to print, what size, and how many. For example, say I print a hoodie in size large, yellow. Someone wants it in a size small, yellow, or a size large red. Then the actual sample sits around for years waiting for the perfect buyer. Sometimes the perfect buyer never comes and I get another few sales for something almost exactly like it. 
So, I decided to try a new idea: letting people send me a favorite garment or one of their choice to be printed.  That way, I just do the printing, I don't have to worry about maintaining a stock of inventory, and stuff may be easier.  Plus I can provide the design more cheaply, and people could get exactly what they want without me having to scour stores.  Sounds ideal.... but we'll see if it really happens.
I started here with a print-your-own Peace Wiener shorts!  Tomorrow, I'll post up some other designs people have bought tons of, and see how that works.

Well, I'm sleepy and overly warm and it's raining outside and I'm about through for tonight.  Good night!

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